Check your Facebook timeline and you’ll see friends and co-workers sharing competitions, quizzes and giveaways.  It’s almost as if Quizzes are the new self-help section!

People love quizzes and giveaways. It’s no wonder that when personality quizzes, dream holiday competitions or product giveaways come along Facebook users flock to participate and share.

Clearly co-registration marketing is making a comeback.  I’ve been testing using my own quizzes and have found that if properly executed, co-registration competitions and quizzes are a powerful marketing tool.

For the uninitiated, Coreg (or co-registration marketing) is where consumers complete a sequence of questions. Based on their interests they are either subscribed to newsletters or opt-in to receive information from advertisers.

Coreg fell out of favor in recent years, mostly due to a proliferation of coreg networks that proffered low quality consumer data.  When I started list building for an offer I was running I tested several co-registration lead suppliers. I found that when I ‘bought’ in subscribers they were often uninterested, didn’t engage with my content or were just downright fraudulent.

I could see the value in owning consumer data, so rather than abandoning coreg entirely, I built my own co-registration platform which enabled me to control the end-to-end process.  Once I’d refined my sequence of questions and figured out what actions I wanted my users to take, I started marketing my competitions & quizzes.

In my experience, it’s one of the cheapest ways to generate opt-in data, especially on Facebook.  With an opt-in rate of 1 in 6 my average cost is around $0.47 a record.
By adding co-registration lead generation to my own quizzes over the last 6 months we are turning a profit while building email lists.

Key takeaways on why I’m in love with coreg.

  1. You obtain Marketing Consent.

Consumers that engage with quizzes give you permission to market to them.

If you’re running a quiz or a co-registration offer, you’ll not only acquire personal information, but also get opt-in consent to market to your recipient.

  1. You gather invaluable Demographic Data

Metrics focused affiliate marketers understand that demographic and psychographic profiling plays a key role in the success of their businesses. Armed with this information you’d spend less time picking relevant offers to promote, see an increase in your activity rates as well as your earnings.

  1. Engagement drives revenue

Engagement is critical to the sustainability of your business and can only be improved by understanding your consumers.

Once you understand and use their demographics, behaviour patterns and buying triggers you can segment your lists more effectively, build consumer profiles and present more relevant content.

Your revenue will increase and list retention will improve. Your readers will be more engaged, interested and active.  They’ll be far less inclined to unsubscribe.

If you’re into building mailing lists, you should consider coregistration marketing.  Done right, it can have a massive impact on your business.


This article was originally published by me in Feedfront Magazine.