Sociopathic CEO’s and the cult of self adoration

Perhaps I’m cynical, or even hypocritical considering that I’ve flirted with self-promotion and for a few years there even actively engaged in the public speaking circuit, but whenever I see the “new guru on the block” I can’t help but wonder what their real motivation is.

Latest on the chopping block is Dan Price, the messiah of middle class income, who famousely increased his enployees salaries to $70k in a social experiment designed to remove financial stress and unlock his employees potential.
In a Bloomberg article the picture painted of him is that of an abusive manipulator.  The piece is masterfully written, peeling back the layers of his personality.  I can’t help but sympathize with him though.

Driven people are often not liked, or even understood.   The more meteoric your rise, the more scrutiny you attract.

If the layers of my actions were dissected in the same way, you could probably construct and equally dark view of my personality, minus the wife-waterboarding of course.

Lee, who some of you may know is a Psychologist and has considered me a lifelong project, often reminds me that some of the very same traits that make you a good leader can also make you a sociopath.

It’s all about using your powers for good, to paraphrase Yoda somewhat badly.

Drink at Work!

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OK, maybe it’s just me 🙂

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