Planning vs. Reality

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go right and you doubt your own ability to plan, forecast and execute?  We all have.  It’s good to remember that a plan is designed to guide, not act as gospel.  It’s very rare that everything will go according to plan.

In business, as in life, expect the unexpected to happen.  Keep looking at the flag and keep moving forward.  It may get muddy and the water may be deep at times, but every time you wade through deep business rivers, keep in mind there’s an embankment on the other side.  Oh, and remember to swim! 🙂

Great Ads can be Terrible

I’ve been in a few pitch meetings in my time.  Imagine my surprise to see this as made it through.  

I can see it: 

Agency Director: “so these astronauts are on the moon right? When a big alien comes and grabs them all, slaughtering them! One of the astronauts narrowly escaped, but he farts!  Yes!  farts! Then he gets eaten.  It’s god, I tell you!  Fuck yes, it’s win awards!”

Kudos to the Heinz people for having a sense of humor when it comes to their beans.