Scummy advertising in the age of Bitcoin

Not a day goes by that bitcoin isn’t in the news, and so it should well be.

It’s brought about a seismic shift in technology and the way we’ll process data, transactions and value. We haven’t yet fathomed the impact blockchain will have on our lives, we’re standing at the very beginnings of the next industrial revolution.

Unfortunately, it’s also brought out all the scammers….in their droves.

As a media expert (yes I classify myself as an expert, I’ve got my 10,000 hours to prove it) I can spot a fake in 3 seconds, but most consumers are more trusting and as the fake news epidemic keeps spreading scammers are getting bolder and using legitimate news outlets and blatant misrepresentation to defraud customers.

It doesn’t just erode trust in Cryptocurrency, but in the advertising industry as a whole.

What’s worse is that mainstream RTB networks are either incapable or unwilling to stop it.

This ad profiling Elon Musk appears, certainly without his consent, on Yahoo Finance.

Scummy ad 1 featuring Elon Musk.

It links to a site that purports to be CNN Tech and uses Musk’s reputation to sell an obvious bitcoin scam.

Elon musk being shown in all his Tesla glory  and connected to a fake bitcoin scam

Just in case you think it was a one-time thing, nope.

This ad was served repeatedly though ad servers including the one below on respected financial sites.

Scummy ad 2 purporting to use Elon musk again

In a global market already reeling from fake news and consumer confidence at an all time low, how long are we going to stand for this kind of fraudulent advertising?

When will ad networks take responsibility for their inventory and act to eliminate fraud?

Don’t tell me it can’t be done.

If can hand curate advertisers why can’t RTB networks do the same?