Is South African Entrepreneurship in decline?

6210439I’m conflicted over this report.  The percentage of adult South Africans involved in starting a business has plunged by 34%.
On the one hand, I want to rail against the system that saddles entrepreneurs with unworkable tax burdens, restrictive employment & business practices and bureaucracy that doesn’t do enough, but wastes money on window-dressing entrepreneurship.

On the other hand I’m shocked at the sense of entitlement and lack of basic business principles that some aspiring entrepreneurs seem to have.

Gone is the passionate work ethic, replaced by chasing the ‘perfect startup dream’ and buying into the fantasy stories of mega-ipo’s and stellar valuations.

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In 100 years from now it won’t matter

My FB buddy Scott Ames‘s posted this insightful thought.  It’s too good not to keep for posterity.  Follow Scott for more sage advice:

“When I get flustered, down, or stressed I sometimes come back to the phrase ‘100 years from now it won’t matter’ . In 100 years everyone I know, including my 1 1/2 old will be gone.

6029652068_66e205f833_bSometimes I look at old black and white pictures from the 1800’s or early 1900’s and realize the children in those shots are gone now. I read old accounts of people’s lives and they had stress, they had worries, they had pain and sorrow and problems. All of those are gone. All their concerns are over.

Did you ever leave a job and look back and wonder why you feared the boss so much? Did you wonder why you stressed out and worried about deadlines, perfection, or being on time? Once you leave it seems all a fantasy. All the pressure is off. You look at that boss with new eyes and wonder why you acted like a military cadet.

Life is short. You had better do what you want or it’s going to be over before you get those things done. When you are on your death bed are you going to wish you had spent more time at work making someone else money or are you going to wish you had spent more time with family and doing the things you enjoy? Do them now. Find a way. Maybe it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

As one of my friends once said “It doesn’t matter anyway, and what if it did?” I like that. ( Rand Laird )

I do need to take my own advice as I have spent way too much time trying to please others and have ignored my own passions. My passion now is helping my wife achieve her goals, and my passion is also my children. I have not done everything in life I’ve wanted to do. Some things are too far gone to realize. ( fighter pilot, commercial pilot ) , but I can certainly find joy in supporting my wife in her dreams. That makes me happy.”

The world’s richest doctor (worth R150bn) was born and raised in South Africa

posterboySouth Africa is full of homegrown heroes that have a profound impact on global business, technology and science. Elon Musk may be the poster boy is not the only brilliant SA born mind that left to find fortune, fame and glory overseas.

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the son of Chinese immigrants to South Africa, is the world’s richest doctor and the wealthiest resident of Los Angeles with a net worth of almost R150-billion.

Imagine if we could retain their skills in SA….

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Confessions of a reluctant Vegeterian

In an effort to cut down on red meat for health & even some of the missus’ ethical reasons, i’m on a mission to try vegetarian alternatives. This, dear Sleeks, is not for the fainthearted.

You may want to block me now, as I’ll offer unfettered and unbiased foodie reviews for the foreseeable future, or as long as i’m presented with vegetarian meals.

Round 1:
Black bean, Quinoa & Chia bites.

10980728_10153110076310522_6595913465749209932_nI love black bean sauce so i was drawn to this little veggie gem.

Quinoa is a grain (stop frowning all you paleos) and though high on the GI scale actually has a low Glycemic load, so i gave it the thumbs up as an ingredient.

As i’m a heart attack 2fer, i’m all over Chia and have incorporated them into my daily routine. Why you ask? Actually it was a flippant semidrunk late-night google that led me to find a 2012 clinical study blaming 100% of coronary artery disease on inflammation. I won’t bo1800298_10153110076395522_2777383644762860263_n  re you with the details, as I digress from my review, but suffice it to say, its a killer and I want none of it, so chia’s become a daily staple as it’s little buggers combat inflammation better than anything else I van find.

Coming out of the packet my little fluffy balls of yum did not look at all appetizing.
Pressed flat like a macnugget, they were.

10629876_10153110076355522_7603479216594872601_nI popped them in my airfryer for 12 minutes and served them hot.

Texture: 7.
They’re not meat and don’t pretend to be, but it has a satisfying chewability.

Taste: 4
Keep in mind, my 10 is Matt Moran’s Aria Restaurant in Sydney while 2 is soaked toilet paper. You don’t want to know what 1 is, believe me.

Would I eat it again?
If presented, i’m hungry and there’s nothing nicer on the plate.

stay tuned for my next adventure